Adash A4404 SAB pocket vibration analyzer

Advanced 4, 8, 12 or 16 channel pocket vibration analyzer and DAQ acquisition card up to 196 kHz sampling, for less than you think.

You’ve met many times with advanced DAQ-type data acquisition cards, capable of acquiring signals from 4 to 16 accelerometers, microphones, force sensors and other sources, at high sampling rates and synchronously. They typically work with expensive software and allow advanced analysis. Be amazed by the capabilities of the Adash A4404 SAB and see how to build a professional test bench or vibration analyzer, with free advanced analysis software, cheaper than you think!

Turn your PC or laptop into a vibration analyzer

Everyone has a PC or laptop computer. By attaching the Adash A4404 SAB acquisition card via USB, you will transform your PC hardware into an advanced vibration analyzer, noise analyzer, balancer and more with free Virtual Unit software.

Explore the capabilities of the Adash A4404 SAB pocket vibration analyzer

It has 4 dynamic voltage signal inputs, with on/off power for IEPE (ICP®) sensors/microphones. By turning off the IEPE (ICP®) power supply, you will directly connect signals from the buffer outputs of vibrodiagnostic systems such as Bently Nevada, Bruel & Kjaer and any other. You can also directly connect signals from electrodynamic sensors, so-called generation sensors, such as Velomitor®. Each input has an additional channel for a slow-variable DC signal, for measuring temperature, pressure or flow. Input number 2 allows the connection of three dynamic channels in a single cable and will be ideal when using a triaxial accelerometer. The TRIG input supports the TACHO channel, a phase marker for speed measurement, which you can use during balancing.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the SAB uses excellent quality PUSH PULL connectors, made by the American company ODU, which are commonly used in high-end portable vibrodiagnostic equipment and ensure uninterrupted reception of sensor signals, with repeated connection and disconnection.

It is also not insignificant that the entire SAB pocket vibration analyzer is powered from a USB connector, which means we get rid of the need for tangled cables and additional power supply. This is extremely important when making vibration-diagnostic measurements at a facility or in the field, where access to power may be difficult.

A single SAB card supports up to 4 dynamic channels, but we can connect up to 4 SAB modules to a single PC/laptop and create a 16-channel synchronous measurement system, with a sampling frequency of 64 kHz for each channel with 24-bit AD conversion.

Take advantage of the full functionality of a professional vibration analyzer with Virtual Unit

Using SAB and the free Virtual Unit software, you transform your PC/laptop into an advanced 4-channel vibration analyzer, getting all, vibrodiagnostic functional modules at your disposal right away:

ANALYZER - analyze according to your needs

Widok analizy drgań w darmowym oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

Choose any type of measurement (from general VRMS vibration velocity, to spectral analysis and time signal, to more advanced orbit analysis, from Proximity type sensors). Set up the measurements freely according to your preferences: frequency range, sampling frequency, measured quantities, etc., and perform all predefined measurements synchronously.

ROUTE - perform routine measurements on schedule

Widok ścieżki pomiarowej w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

The measurement path is ideal for periodic measurements of machines in the factory. Create a measurement path tree easily, graphically, in DDS analysis software and take measurements regularly. Transfer measurement data to DDS software and observe trends and analyze the collected data.

DEVELOPMENT AND EXTENSION - analyze transitional states

Widok modułu robieg wybieg w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

As with the analyzer, set up any analysis you want and collect it while the machine is starting or coasting. You can control the data recording interval by setting the time between recording measurements or the change in speed, or even both at the same time.

RECORDER - record many hours of sensor signal

Widok rejestratora w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

Another functionality, with a value that cannot be overestimated. The recorder saves the “raw” signal from the sensors and allows subsequent, arbitrary analysis. You can play back the recorded signal repeatedly, slow it down, speed it up and apply evidential measurements from a selected period.

BALANCING - precisely balance rotors in own bearings

Widok modułu wyważania w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

Adash engineers have put special emphasis on refining this module, which stands out against competing solutions: ease of conducting the balancing process, transparency and outstanding efficiency. You will easily carry out the balancing of a fan rotor, blower, spindle, both single and double plane. You can reverse the process at any time, specify the dynamic coefficients of the rotor DFA and DFP, or determine the balancing class according to the standard. Divide the correction mass among several blades and generate an automatic report with balancing vectors efficiently and quickly.

FASIT - expert system for automatic fault detection

Widok modułu eksperckiego FASIT w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

With nearly 30 years of experience in vibration measurement and analysis, Adash engineers have developed an effective system for automatic detection of basic machine faults. The FASIT system will perform a spectral analysis of the signal for you and tell you which malfunction is most intense on your machine. Unbalance, misalignment, backlash or bearing damage, identified by color-coded indicators, instantly help less skilled diagnosticians make the correct assessment of machine condition.

STETOSKOP - listen to the bearings

Widok pomiarów stetoskopem w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

In a diagnostician’s practice, it turns out that listening to a bearing can be a faster method of detecting damage than vibration analysis. Use the listening module and headphones to make condition analyses especially of slow-speed bearings. You can switch the signal from 4 sensor channels and adjust the volume to suit your needs.

LUBRI - lubrication under control

Widok pomiarów nasmarowania łożysk w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

LUBRI is another functional module developed from years of experience of Adash measurers. Assess the lubrication level of bearings and lubricate them under control. LUBRI, with the help of a colored indicator, will help dispense the right amount of grease, also avoiding overlubrication.

OKTAVE ANALYSIS - analyze the noise

Widok pomiarów analiz oktawowych w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

Are you involved in noise analysis? Connect microphones, measure sound levels, and analyze the full spectrum of frequencies in octaves, thirds, and at 1/12 and 1/24 resolution.

BUMP TEST - determine the resonances of the structure

Evaluate the resonance frequencies of the machines and structures under study. You don’t need any advanced settings. Simply place the sensor on the machine, turn on the shock test module and excite the object with the appropriate hammer. The system will show the distribution of resonant frequencies in a few seconds.

ADS - deformation animation

Widok animacji odkształceń w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

When measurement alone is not enough – visualization allows you to see the deformation of the structure. Visualize vibrations by animating the deformation of the structure at low frequency and increased amplitude to see details with the human eye.


Widok modułu ultradźwięków w oprogramowaniu Virtual Unit

Sounds inaudible to the human ear are used for leak detection, electrical discharge and very early detection of rolling bearing damage.

Spend little and get unique functionality

Are you surprised by the capabilities of Adash A4404 SAB, with free Virtual Unit software? Or do you have questions or concerns? Contact VIMS and our diagnostic engineer will be happy to tell you all the details of this unique device.

More information about the Adash A4404 SAB pocket vibration analyzer.

Compiled by VIMS based on Adash materials.

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