Motion Amplification®
Certification Course


Motion Amplification® Certification Course

We are proud to offer Motion Amplification® training to customers and their organizations. During the three-day educational course, students will learn the basics of using their Iris M™ kit, dive into software features, and practice their new skills with certified trainers. 

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Motion Amplification® is a revolutionary video processing technology with software that detects the slightest movement and
amplifies it to the level visible to the naked eye. By turning every pixel in the camera into a sensor, it takes millions of measurements
in a fraction of a second and does it without physical contact with your machine or installation. All the user has to do is
point the camera at the asset, grab the video data, and then press a button to amplify the motion. Thanks to this, it opens the
world of the invisible.

What sets Mobius Institute training apart?

During Motion Amplification® training, you’ll have an opportunity to hone your skills using real equipment. After earning a certification, you’ll be ready to head back to your organization ready to go. Here are some examples of videos certified analysts have made after attending training.

& Practical

Real-life case examples ensure a good balance of theory and practice; all equipment provided.


For those who can’t attend a classroom course, Distance Learning online is the perfect solution.


Our Instructors don’t just teach the courses, they are experienced reliability professionals who are enthusiastic about helping students with the practical application of knowledge.


Motion Amplification® Training

  • The Motion Amplification® Certification Course is a classroom and practical based course on the use of the IRIS M™ & IRIS MX™ Motion Amplification® Systems.


Motion Amplification® Training

  • Learn Advanced Motion Amplification® analysis techniques
    to help make you a more successful Motion Amplification® Analyst.

Our clients speak

Certified Trainers

Dedicated maintenance and reliability professionals with 17+ years experience.

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