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The A4910 LUBRI is a maintenance tool for monitoring and controlling the lubrication of bearings that require manual lubrication. The Grease Meter measures the current lubrication condition and informs the user when an optimum lubrication condition has been reached.

The A4910 LUBRI extends bearing life and reduces the amount of grease used. At the same time, it prevents harmful overlubrication of bearings.
The use of headphones increases the usefulness of the Grease Meter. This makes it possible to also acoustically evaluate the condition of the bearing.
Thanks to the use of traffic light colors and without the need to enter bearing-specific data, it is extremely easy to use.


  • Monitoring and control of bearing lubrication
  • Monitoring of the bearing condition


Lubrication OK
Do not grease further!

Continue to grease for optimum

Bearing must
be be greased.


Advanced mode

Advanced mode allows the user to measure machine vibration, bearing condition and use the memory.



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