IRIS MX™ – Visualize and Measure a Full Spectrum of Faults


The new Iris MX™ expands on the revolutionary Iris M™ product capabilities to open the world of Motion Amplification® to high-speed applications.


Leveraging a high-speed camera, the Iris MX’s most unique feature is the ability to visualize and measure motion up to 700 Hz in HD, allowing you to visualize and communicate virtually every movement in the scene in real time. At SD resolutions achieve measurements up to 1600 Hz. The Iris MX enables the user to see the fault by visualizing the motion of the entire machine, its structure and base, and surrounding environment to determine the root cause. This enables the users to quickly and comprehensively diagnose machinery in a simple and easy-to-understand video. This video can be used to close the communication gap between technical and non-technical resources and empowers them to fix problems. The Iris MX is high-level analysis in its simplest form.


Like the Iris M, the Iris MX utilizes the millions of pixels in today’s modern cameras to measure deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye. The Iris M software converts those millions of pixels into individual data points, measuring extremely small vibrations or motions with a high degree of accuracy. It then displays the results in an amplified video that brings the problems to live in a visual form, seeing truly is believing. The Iris M covers a large percentage of faults at a plant, but now with the Iris MX, we can visualize a broader range of fault types. 

Check out the video to see how the game changing new feature can revolutionize the way you see motion and revolutionize Technical Services to the Industrial Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM).



The Iris MX utilizes the same software as the Iris M and is plug and play with current user’s software. RDI Technologies™ has combined the ability to reach 1,400 frames per second in HD resolution with their seamless user intuitive software opening possibilities in the industrial market beyond current technologies.


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