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Smart Monitoring Kit


The Smart Monitoring Kit is a revolutionary concept that will provide intelligence to your standard filtration carts and hydraulic, allowing visibility of the performance of the asset condition.
The Smart Monitoring Kit is a universal solution that can be integrated into a hydraulic system independently of its brand and design. This kit is an add-on
element with a plug&play configuration.
The device will be able to offer particle counting based on ISO or NAS code and bubble counting along with shape recognition features and oil degradation, powered by Atten2 OilWear 2.0 sensor.



Power supply: 24 VDC
Current consumtion: 800mA
Counting output: ISO code 4406 / NAS 1638, total particles (p/ml), Air bubble detections & discrimination & counting (b/ml), shape recognition (p/ml) – fatigue, sliding, cutting & others, oil degradation (%), flow rate (l/min)
Alarms: configurable alarms per level shown on display, one relay output
Digital output: rs485 (Modbus: RTU), ethernet RJ45 (Modbus: tcp/ip, ftp), digital display hmi
Oil pressure: 2-16 bar
Operation temperature: from – 20°c to 70°c
Viscosity range: up to 540 cst
Fluid compatibility: *mineral and synthetic oil
Precision: +/- 2 ISO code
Hydraulic connection: 1/8’’ bsppf
Dimension / weight: 249x400x132 / 6 kg
Wetted materials: stainless steel, aluminium, viton, nbr
Protection class: IP65


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