Steel Shims Type B (A:75mm x B:70mm x C:23mm)

Steel Shim Type B (A:75mm x B:70mm x C:23mm)

Available thicknesses:

0,05mm ; 0,10mm ; 0,20mm ; 0,40mm ; 0,50mm ; 0,70mm ; 0,80mm ; 1,00mm ; 2,00mm ; 3,00mm ; 4,00mm ; 6,00mm ; 8,00mm

1 set (thickness: 0,05- 1,00mm: 10pcs.; 2mm: 5pcs.; 3-4mm: 2pcs.; 6-8mm: 1pcs.)


Precut Shims Advantages:

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion from exposure to acids and alkanes
  • Wide range of different dimensions and thicknesses (depending on machine feets size) to simplify the machine alignment
  • Insertion tab to facilitate positioning and removal during the alignment
  •  Easily and quickly identified by permanent marks indicating thickness and dimensions
  • Accurate, to ensure machine reliability and extend the time between machine shutdowns
  • Completely flat, ensuring stability and consistent machine support over the full surface of the shim
  • Burr-free with specially rounded corners to avoid injury to operatives during alignment positioning

Material Used:

  • For Steel Shims with thicknesses between 0,05-0,50mm we use austenitic stainless, spring steel, cold rolled – tensile strength: 1100-1800 MPa, material: 1.4310 (AISI 301) according to DIN 17241 or EN 10151 standards.
  • All other thicknesses are produced from austenitic stainless steel, cold rolled – tensile strength: 550-750 MPa, material: 1.4301 (AISI 304) according to DIN 17240 or EN 10088-1 standards.
  • Tolerance according to DIN 2275, TT3.



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