RDI Technologies™

RDI logoRDI Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2013 to commercialize video-based sensing technologies created in the lab at the University of Louisville. In 2015 RDI Technologies invented and began the development of the first-to-market Motion Amplification® platform technology for motion and vibration detection and analysis using video. This product was released to the market in 2016 with very quick market adoption. With the release of the Iris M™, RDI created a new category of motion and vibration detection and revolutionized the way the Predictive Maintenance industry saw motion. We are poised to do the same in the Test and Measurements market over the next few years.

Since the release of the Iris M, RDI has continued its commitment to innovation. The release of the Iris MX™ expanded the use of Motion Amplification® to high-speed applications, and the release of the Iris CM™ enabled the user to continuously monitor their products, processes, and machinery.

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