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Predictive Maintenance with Vibration Analysis

Every organization is different. Doesn’t matter if You work in steel plant or in small food production factory. We’ll help you scale your condition monitoring program to fit your unique needs.

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Motion Amplification® Measurements

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Perform vibration measurement services on industrial equipment by the RDI IRIS M camera with Motion Amplification® system. Visual and quantitative characterization of the vibratory movement. Obtained results will be made available by means of a video in “MP4„ and PDF report with diagrams and measured values.

Motion Amplification® Training

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We are proud to offer Motion Amplification® training to customers and their organizations. During the three-day educational course, students will learn the basics of using their Iris M™ kit, dive into software features, and practice their new skills with certified trainers. Upon completion of the course, students earn Level 1 Motion Amplification® certification.

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Vibration Measurements
for Machine Monitoring
and Diagnosis

Motion Amplification® measurement methodology:

Measurements with the Iris M / MX camera include the performance of a diagnostic service using the IRIS M / MX motion amplification technology and analysis in the Motion Amplification® software: initial measurement, selection of the frame and lighting, film recording, filtration and analysis, report preparation. Video information is provided in real time (process visualization with analysis). After completing the measurements, we prepare a full final report.

Proof of Concept (POC) Visit

Our service engineer visits your site and demonstrates the RDI Technologies Motion Amplification® (MA) and Motion Analysis system and software. This is followed by a walkthrough Proof of Concept process that explains how Motion Amplification® can be used on your assets while also allowing you to evaluate our system and software and how it can be used in your facility. Our service engineer reviews the data collected, prepares videos to illustrate that data clearly, and presents those videos to your team. The videos may provide some insight into the condition of the assets examined.


  • On-site meeting at the end of the service visit to review key findings
  • Videos (.mp4) of the Motion Amplification® data collected

Comprehensive Facility Review

Our service engineer will conduct a comprehensive facility review and recommend a Motion Amplification® deployment plan based on your industry, facility, and staff resource availability. Our service engineer walks the plant with you and your team, assists in inventorying assets, conducts interviews with maintenance and operator personnel, and review asset criticality in the context of Motion Amplification®. After a thorough review process, our consultant will create a plan based on best practices used in world class facilities of similar industries to maximize your utilization of Motion Amplification®. The plan includes optimal system configuration to acquire accurate data, frequency of monitoring, and asset coverage tactics based on maximizing your personnel.


A written plan for implementing the Motion Amplification® technology that includes the systems and software, training, and support required to successfully deploy a program. The plan will also include a comprehensive review of the assets to be included in the program, and the recommended frequency of monitoring each asset to optimize facility performance.

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