Asset Reliability Practitioner ARP-L




The Asset Reliability Practitioner – Program Leader (ARP-L) course is intended for those who have taken the lead role in the reliability and performance improvement program. Great responsibility comes with this great opportunity, and the aim of this course is to set you up for success. Whether your organization manufactures products or a commodity; provides an essential service; relies on machinery/electrical equipment, this course will provide a memorable explanation of how and why to improve reliability and performance.

Students will come away from this course with a very good understanding of Asset Reliability fundamentals including how reliability advocates support overall improvement.
Students will obtain the deep knowledge regarding:

  • Reliability strategy development and implementation
  • People management
  • Defect elimination
  • Reliability engineering
  • Asset strategy development
  • Work and spares management
  • Precision skills (precision and proactive maintenance)
  • Condition monitoring
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Leading the people, frequently and clearly communication
  • Budget and project management
  • Development clear vision of how the program will benefit the business and its employees,
  • Development a detailed plan, with milestones on how those goals will be achieved.
  • Understanding of the nature of the challenges which will be faced and development a proactive strategy for overcoming those challenges.



  • Public/Private – 5-day course including review and exam
  • Online – set of training videos 32 hours, additional time for online exam


  • Public – coming soon
  • Online self-paced (using internet tools)
  • Private onsite – coming soon


  • Public/Private Course Pre-study – access to the Mobius Institute Learning Zone before the class and for 4- months, after course completion.
  • Online Learning – access to the Mobius Institute LMS for a period of 4-months.
  • Course Materials – printed and/or online

MIBoC Certification examination, 100 questions, 3 hours, 70% passing grade

Prior experience is not required for attending the training course or taking the examination, but 48 months of relevant
experience is required for ISO certification.

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