IRIS M™ Traveler

IRIS M™ Traveler – Compact, Portable, and All the Power of Motion Amplification® 

RDI Technologies™ delivers new ideas for monitoring mechanical vibration and continues developing this tool with a view to effectively solving the malfunctions of industrial machines.

We are proud to announce the new Iris M™ TRAVELER.

Use the power of Motion Amplification® faster than ever with the Iris M™ Traveler. Designed to move with you, the Iris M Traveler is a portable, compact, and lightweight vibration analysis system that lets you quickly capture millions of data points on the go.

With minimal setup and breakdown time, you can easily gear up and acquire critical data in tight spaces and logistically challenging environments, elevating your reliability program’s capability and accessibility. Well-equipped for every situation, the Traveler configuration of the Iris M™ features a single zoom lens with multiple fields of view, high-powered battery light, lightweight professional tripod, and the versatility of a ‘hands-free’ touch-screen tablet positioned comfortably around your neck for flexibility & maneuverability in hard-to-reach spaces. The Tablet Mode interface features new tap, touch, and swipe gestures for simple, easy navigation, and an intuitive and smooth RDI Acquisition and Motion Amplification® experience. Whether you’re a current Iris M system user or new to Motion Amplification®, the Iris M Traveler is packed with performance to help make the most of every point of data virtually anywhere you go.





Motion Amplification® is a proprietary video processing technique that detects subtle displacement and then converts that movement to a level visible with the naked eye. Iris M Traveler measures and quantifies mechanical or structural assets that a camera can see with the same accuracy as a contacting displacement sensor. Iris M Traveler allows you to filter your data and visualize movement at specific frequencies to find the real source of a problem and help position your team to fix it.

Iris M Traveler enhances understanding of components and interrelationships creating movement and provides a communication tool for technical and non-technical resources.



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