Mobius Institute


Are you striving for professional excellence? Do you want to be recognized in the job market and on a global scale? Take advantage of the opportunity to attend Mobius Institute™ courses organized by VIMS.

We are an authorized partner of Mobius Institute™. We have a coaching team of diagnosticians and maintenance specialists whose knowledge and practical experience is formally certified. As a Mobius Institute™ partner, we offer a number of courses in the field of diagnostics and maintenance that meet the international requirements set forth in ISO/IEC 17024, and we are authorized to conduct examinations and issue certificates signed by Mobius Institute™ confirming the attainment of the relevant authorizations.

Mobius Institute™ is an internationally recognized training company that supports condition monitoring, maintenance and asset reliability practitioners, business leaders and strategic partners in reaching the next level on the path of professional development through state-of-the-art training programs, accredited certification processes, innovative conferences and broad dissemination of technical knowledge. The activities conducted allow for a proper and in-depth understanding of strategy and technology, which consequently paves the way to success, both personally and professionally.

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