IRIS Explorer™ Spot® Payload

Iris ExplorerTM Spot® Payload

Combining the mobility of Boston Dynamics’ Spot® with the exceptional visibility of RDI Technologies’ Motion Amplification®, the Iris Explorer™ Spot Payload allows industrial customers to take next-generation vibration analysis right to the asset in even the most remote or hazardous environments.



Enterprise asset management programs now have a high volume, highly repeatable route-based vibration analysis solution with dynamic mobility and teleoperation capabilities. Measuring deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye autonomously, Iris Explorer minimizes risk, helps maintain compliance and increases asset ROI for improved asset reliability and performance.


Flexible Routes

Accurate, Highly Repeatable

Know What to Work On

Maximum Visibility

Teach new inspection routes
in minutes and let Spot repeat it.
Pivot quickly to change or add routes
as many times as you want. You can run
more diverse and higher route volumes
with Spot than a human.

Automated feature finding allows you
to repeatedly and effortlessly capture
the exact same image every time,
every route, in any environment
as many times as you want.

Manage data volume by focusing
on the most relevant data.
Choose specific data sets to capture,
like waveform or spectral. Then set conditional,
automated triggers for notification only
when the data meets your parameters,
so you don’t waste time collecting all data,
just what you need.​

Reach equipment and spaces
that are insufficiently covered
by fixed sensors or inaccessible by people.
Inspect multiple angles, locations,
and vibrations previously inaccessible.



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