Motion Amplification

Motion Amplification® system / Free of charge proof of concept visit

surely you know the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”; therefore, on the subject of vibration analysis, it can also be true: “A video excerpt tells more than hundreds of measured values.”
You have heard about the “Motion Amplification®” technology, you have seen it before or maybe it is a completely new technology for you?
Within the framework of a compact presentation (approx. 1 hour), we would like to introduce the measurement system to you directly on your premises during our campaign period and demonstrate the advantages in practice. Ideally, we will carry out the measurements on a measuring object of your choice and you will receive a video for evaluation afterwards. You then decide for yourself whether and how this technology can be used most effectively by you.
Our free offer:
– Short presentation to explain technology and equipment
– Videos from your area of interest with short explanation
– System setup and live demo
– Recording and editing of a machine / application according to your specifications
– We will send you a video after the presentation
Just see for yourself why so many companies worldwide are already profiting from the advantages of this measuring method.
This special promotion runs from October to November 2022.
If we could arouse your interest, please send us three date suggestions for the campaign period, on which we can visit you.

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