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What has the greatest influence on the course of machine monitoring?

Nowadays, machine monitoring is an extremely important process in all industries. Vibration diagnosis not only helps to optimize the function of machines, but also reduces the risk of all kinds of failures.

For this reason, it is important that diagnostics are performed correctly and without errors. This is influenced by several factors that should be considered not only when purchasing, but also when installing the equipment.

Machine monitoring systems

Machine monitoring systems are new technologies that allow accurate monitoring of vibration amplitude and frequency. The technical condition of machines is of great importance, as it ensures not only safe operation, but also their reliability and long service life. For correct diagnosis, you need, first of all, good equipment that ensures trouble-free vibration monitoring. For this purpose, a vibration transducer is used, which must be properly selected for proper monitoring. The most important thing is to pay attention to the amplitude and frequency range of the machine and choose the right vibration transducer. It is also advisable to consider the operating temperature and environmental conditions when purchasing the transducer. If you have already decided on a vibration transducer, it is important that the vibration sensor is installed correctly. The distance between the sensor and the vibration source is very important for correct diagnosis. It should be placed as close as possible to this point to obtain the best possible results. The range of transmitted frequencies, and thus the success of vibration diagnosis, depends on the proper preparation of the surface under the transducer face. It should be flat and clean – otherwise the frequency range may not be sufficient, and the vibration readings will relate to the resonance of the accelerometer link rather than the vibration of the machine in question. In addition, the accelerometers must be mounted precisely, and any additional element may distort the results. It is now advisable to create multi-channel systems to monitor the entire machine installation. This is especially useful in situations where it is important to synchronously measure the vibrations of different machine parts.

Correct diagnostic procedure

Proper diagnostics is composed of many factors that must be considered in daily work. It is important not only to choose the right accelerometer and its location, but also its use by specially trained people who are familiar with the subject. It is therefore important to pay attention to every detail, as it can have a great impact on the functioning of the vibration monitoring system and the final results.

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