Adash A4900 Vibrio VIBRATIONSMESSGERÄT, Vibrationsanalysetools

Tools for the vibration diagnosis of rolling bearings

Numerous devices for the vibration diagnosis of rolling bearings are available on the market. These can be divided into two groups. Portable vibration measuring devices and stationary systems that monitor several measuring points on the machine simultaneously.
During the operation of rotating machinery, the rotating bearing components generate vibrations in a wide frequency range. The vibration level increases when a bearing is not properly lubricated, overloaded or damaged.
Portable vibration meters are a quick method of measuring vibration. This type of equipment is used by maintenance services, service departments, installers, research and development personnel, etc.
Here is a brief overview of portable vibration meters.

Adash A4900 Vibrio MS Vibration Meter

The A4900 – Vibrio M gauge enables basic vibrodiagnostic measurements, such as the condition of bearings, identification of mechanical malfunctions and estimation of lubricant levels. The instrument is equipped with a 4 MB memory for recording measurement data. The built-in memory allows performing ad-hoc and in-path measurements.
The device has a built-in expert system for automatic detection of machine faults, which analyzes the measurement data for us and indicates on the color display what type of fault it is.

Adash A4900 Vibrio VIBRATIONSMESSGERÄT, Vibrationsanalysetools

With the built-in stroboscope and IR temperature sensor, you can check the shaft speed and motor temperature without having to stop.

The Adash A4900 Vibrio MS instrument can also display the measurement result in the form of VRMS vibration velocity [mm/s] and acceleration [g] values.

Adash A4910 Lubri S kit

The A4910 Lubri is a lubrication process optimization device that measures the current lubrication condition of a bearing and informs the operator when the condition is optimal. The use of the A4910 Lubri S-Kit leads to an increase in bearing life and savings in lubricants.

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