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Ongoing vibration diagnostics, that is, the use of portable and permanent monitoring

Bearings are the most susceptible part to mechanical failure that can be found in any device. This is affected by poor lubrication, lack of concentricity, lack of proper balancing of the parts, and vibrations present during the operation of the device. Naturally, vibrations will be compounded by each of the above factors, so they will be the most damaging not only to the bearings, but to the entire device. That’s why diagnostics is so important – so we’ll write, with the help of which devices and components it can be easily carried out.

Measurement of vibrations and equipment needed

Schwingungssensoren, vibration sensors

The most important thing in vibration measurements is, of course, the vibration meter – a special device that we have covered more than once in our texts. In the role of a portable device, it is a capable instrument for taking measurements and converting the received data into readable values. It needs appropriate pizoelectric sensors such as, for example, industrial accelerometers. They are also capable of detecting all the harmful factors listed above. Vibration measurements should be carried out regularly so that errors can be detected early enough. It is worth mentioning a fact – meters can be both portable and continuous monitoring.

Constant monitoring of vibrations

Some equipment that is more susceptible to alignment or high levels of vibration is worth putting under constant monitoring. Vibration monitor – for this is the name of such a meter – in addition to the usual capabilities, is usually equipped with an alarm that automatically reports any discrepancies to the employee. They are quite simple to use, in addition, they are also very resistant to any external conditions. For detailed diagnostics, you should also get tools such as a vibration transducer and an industrial accelerometer – with their help you can get the best results.

Proper preparation for measurement

In order to get a proper, unbiased result, it is necessary to properly prepare the surface for the front of the accelerometer. It should not be a curved piece, but a flat surface on which you can easily apply the sensor. It is best to take the measurement with the machine barely turned on, but to save time the measurement can be taken on a device already in operation. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the results may vary in such a case.

Measurements should be taken if you want to maintain good production quality and correct machine condition. While in most cases continuous monitoring would be advisable – simple, frequent audits using portable meters should be enough to detect possible faults and irregularities.

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