beschädigtes Lager, damaged bearing

Vibration measurement and analysis in maintenance – what you need to know

Vibration analysis is an effective means of detecting problems in machines. The consequences of malfunctions in production plants are downtime, loss of raw materials as well as dangerous work accidents and negative ecological effects. Therefore, malfunctions must be prevented, and when they occur, a quick response is needed to solve the problem.

Does vibration measurement and analysis help predict failures?

beschädigtes Lager, damaged bearing

The goal of any production facility that uses various types of industrial machinery is to keep it operating as efficiently and for as long as possible.
In almost all industries, vibration measurement can be used as a predictive tool.
Vibration analysis is a process that helps maintenance personnel avoid breakdowns and reduce the operating costs of industrial machinery, as well as ensure long-term, trouble-free operation of the entire production line.
Vibration diagnosticians use vibration analysis in many different ways, including:

  • To understand the dynamic behavior of machinery and equipment;
  • To predict or prevent machine and equipment failures.

Data acquisition for vibration analysis

Alle Industriemaschinen geben Schwingungen ab, was ein normales Phänomen ist, das durch den Betrieb der Maschine verursacht wird. Schwingungsmessungen werden durchgeführt, um die auftretenden Anomalien zu analysieren.
Es gibt verschiedene Methoden der Schwingungsmessung. Nachfolgend sind die gängigsten aufgeführt:All industrial machines emit vibrations, which is a normal phenomenon caused by the operation of the machine. Vibration measurements are performed to analyze the anomalies that occur.

There are different methods of vibration measurement. The most common ones are listed below:

Vibration sensors

This type of vibration sensor is most commonly used and measures acceleration in one, two or three directions. A common type is the three-axis accelerometer, which measures the x-, y-, and z-axes simultaneously. Single-axis accelerometers can be used to measure vibration in one direction.

Measuring transducer

Convert the vibration signal to an analog signal, usually 4..20 mA, or to a digital signal often used for analysis of time signals and frequency spectra.

Vibration meters

Portable vibration meters are battery-powered devices for data acquisition and analysis through measurements at close range.
Due to their reliability and functionality, portable vibration meters are one of the most commonly chosen solutions for machine condition monitoring.

Online monitoring systems

Online machine monitoring is a method for analyzing and monitoring vibrations and machine protection. With online devices, you can access the diagnostic data of the devices around the clock.

Non-contact Motion Amplification system

Motion Amplification® is a proprietary video processing algorithm that detects small movements and then amplifies them to a level visible to the naked eye. This methodology simplifies the understanding of the components and the dynamic relationships between them.

What typical faults can be detected with vibration analysis?

Vibration analysis can be used to detect all of the following faults in pumps, fans, motors, gearboxes, bearings, couplings, foundations and other components and piping:

  • Damage to bearings or gearboxes
  • Imbalance of impellers
  • Loose connections of bolts, nuts and other fasteners
  • Misalignment of shafts
  • Cracks in foundations, welds, structures
  • Resonances
  • Vibration drift
  • Other.

Why perform a periodic vibration analysis on machines?

Periodic vibration analysis enables early diagnosis of a mechanical problem manifested by increased vibration levels. Early detection of faults helps avoid high costs for repairs, machine overhauls and stopping production lines.

Performing vibration measurements on machines

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