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Vibration visualization, or camera monitoring

Digital technologies have advanced significantly over the past few years. Actually, that’s a small understatement, as we are witnessing developments that were not even imaginable fifty years earlier. Digital cameras are now so accurate that they could even be adapted to the mechanical industry as machine monitoring systems. How do they work? That is what we are going to talk about today.

Digital vibration measurement

The Iris M camera we’re talking about allows the user to isolate individual frequencies in the camera-recorded image of machine movement. What does this Vibration Visualization Camera mean? In simple words – the camera is able to measure vibration frequencies with the same efficiency as a meter just by recording. You can easily diagnose faults of the order of misalignment, imbalance or excessive vibration. How it works. With special technology that measures movement, displacement and vibration invisible to the human eye, but affecting the performance of the device. The accuracy of the measurement is precise to the pixel, so even the subtlest movement can be detected. Naturally, this is a very interesting possibility and a revolutionary solution, as machine diagnostics and vibration monitoring is much simpler with its use, even for a novice industrialist. On the other hand, a person experienced in using the camera can “extract” much more from it than a simple measurement.

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Additional digital measurement capabilities

The measurement camera, in addition to simply measuring vibration frequencies, also allows for more. Among other things, it is possible to add appropriate filters to the recorded image, which allow to select a specific vibration frequency chosen by the test person. This is a graphical process – the variables of interest are marked with the colors of the ranges selected on the spectrum. After appropriate editing, the image can be run again to compare the changed recording with the earlier one. Alternatively, you can use it to display the movement as a graph, which greatly simplifies the reading of variables. The entire system is intuitive, so no person – even an inexperienced one – should have much trouble operating it.

Why is vibration visualization so revolutionary? Mainly due to the simplifications it introduces, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. The data that can be obtained from this type of study is much more pertinent, and for a professional, just reviewing the recording is enough for him to be able to determine certain irregularities. Visualization will be able to positively influence the analysis of errors occurring in the equipment and not only facilitate, but also speed up the process of repairing them.

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