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How to know a good vibration sensor?

In industry, machine vibrations are common, all working machines vibrate. As a result, there are many systems that deal with their measurement.

The range of vibration sensors, otherwise known as accelerometers, is really wide – this is mainly due to the fact that each device has different characteristics, with different sensitivity of accuracy and range of measured frequencies.

So how do you know a good accelerometer?

Different types of industrial machinery generate different levels and frequencies of vibration – old, spring-loaded machines tend to have high amplitudes, while high-speed spindles tend to have very low vibrations. Vibrodiagnostics is used to control and capture vibration levels that are potentially dangerous for the types of machines in question. Also because of this, vibration sensors with different parameters are available on the market, which are tailored to specific machine operation. It is therefore important to choose the right industrial accelerometer that will measure vibrations of specific machines with accuracy. One of the most important issues and characteristics of accelerometers that should be paid attention to is the quality of manufacture. For industrial applications, they should be manufactured from a resistant material that will be insensitive to all kinds of damage, including possible mechanical, thermal and even chemical destruction.

It is also important that the sensor be properly matched to control the vibrations generated by the machine in question.

Selection of a vibration sensor

Currently, vibration sensors can be divided into those that deal with the study of acceleration and those that measure speed. Equally important is the sensor cable. The quality of the cable should not be underestimated because of the functions it performs. A good cable should be made of a material suitable for the application, so as to protect mechanically and from oil, grease and ensure signal continuity. Vibrations of motors, fans, gearboxes, conveyors, agitators, as well as pumps are studied with the help of sensors, so it is important that every detail is thought through.

The best accelerometers available on the market are characterized first of all by the highest quality components responsible for the measurement, i.e. measuring capsules, and have many additional advantages, such as a mounting orientation tailored just right for the planned application or a much wider operating temperature range than the basic, ordinary sensor model. The right choice of sensitivity is important – typically increased accelerometer sensitivity for slow-spinning machines and reduced sensitivity for fast-spinning machines. For typical machines, a general-purpose sensor will suffice, which is suitable for general machine condition monitoring.
However, it is important to invest in good equipment that will minimize the risk of various types of serious malfunctions.

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