IRIS M kamera

IRIS M- camera that revolutionizes vibration measurements

The measurement methods used so far do not allow to easily diagnose the causes of complex problems, especially on new installations and modernized technological nodes. The latest measuring set, using machine displacement amplification technology, has been designed to quickly and easily visualize machine vibrations not visible to the human eye until now.


The combination of an efficient, fast camera and specialized software has resulted in a new approach to the problem of vibration diagnostics. Motion Amplifcation is a revolutionary technology, patented by RDI Technologies, which detects small movements and strengthens it to the level visible to the naked eye, and each pixel becomes a sensor that immediately creates millions of measurement locations. IRIS M performs millions of measurements in a fraction of a second and does so without the need for physical contact with machines, which makes it easy to diagnose problems such as: looseness, misalignment, imbalance, structural problems and excessive system vibrations. IRIS M can be used to diagnose both a single machine as well as the entire assembly and installation.


The benefits of motion amplification: a revolutionary problem solving tool; obtaining data during normal machine operation; an efficient and more visual alternative to traditional measurement methods; completely non-contact solution; an effective communication tool between technical and non-technical employees; easy-to-use software that provides immediate results.

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