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What has the greatest impact on the course of machine monitoring?

Nowadays, machine monitoring is an extremely important process in all industries. Vibro-diagnostics not only helps optimize the operation of machines, but also reduces the risk of any kind of failure.

For this reason, it is important that diagnostics are carried out correctly and flawlessly. This is influenced by several factors that are worth paying attention to, not only when purchasing equipment, but also during its installation.

Machine monitoring systems

Machine monitoring systems are new technologies that allow accurate monitoring of vibration amplitude and frequency. The technical condition of machines is of great importance, as it ensures not only safe operation, but also their reliability and long life. For proper diagnostics, first of all, good equipment is needed to ensure trouble-free monitoring of vibrations. For this purpose, a vibration transducer is used, which must be selected in the right way so that the monitoring will be flawless. The most important thing is to pay attention to the range of amplitude and frequency of vibrations that the machine has and to select the right vibration transducer. When buying it, it is also good to be guided by the operating temperature and environmental conditions. However, if you already have a vibration transducer selected, you should pay attention to the correct installation of the vibration sensor. The distance of the sensor from the vibration source is mainly important in the correct diagnostics. It should be placed as close as possible to this location in order to obtain the best possible results. The range of transmitted frequencies and, consequently, the success of vibration diagnostics depends on the correct preparation of the surface for the accelerometer front. It should be flat and clean – otherwise we may not get a sufficient frequency range, and the vibration readings will not refer to the vibration of the machine in question, but to the resonance of the accelerometer connection. In addition, accelerometers should be mounted with precision, and any additional element can distort the results. Nowadays, it is recommended to create multi-channel systems to monitor the entire set of machines. This is particularly useful in situations where it is important to measure synchronously the vibration of different parts of the machinery.

The correct course of diagnostics

Proper diagnostics consists of many factors that need to be kept in mind during daily work. It is not only the selection of the right accelerometer and its location that matter, but also its use by specially trained people who are familiar with the subject. It is therefore important to pay attention to every detail, as it can have a major impact on the operation of the vibration monitoring system and the final results and outcomes.

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