Vibrationstrainingskit 3

Vibrationstrainingskit 3



Compact rotor kit for test and measurements to support practical training of vibration signals, bearings faults detection and single and two plane balancing job. Rotor kit is based on aluminium plate with rubber dampers.
The drive is provided by a DC motor, and is controlled by a START/STOP button and a potentiometer to change the shaft speed. A display for tracking the current speed and a safety switch are mounted on the housing.
Discs has threaded holes around different diameters for trial and balancing masses. Shaft is based on two main ball bearings.
Flat spot with thread is prepared on top of all bearingʼs housing for accelerometers. Rotational part has cover made of aluminium frame and transparent barrier to protect operators when rotor runs. Cover is high enough to fit accelerometer with connector under the top of cover. Automatic stop detects cover position and stops the rotor when opening.



  • 1 phase power supply
  • Quick installation
  • Simulation a real industrial machine
  • Operational safety (safety stop and cover opening detection)
  • Easy for transport
  • Low weight and small dimensions
  • Spots for accelerometers
  • Two plane balancing


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